Academic Support Programme


Improvement Classes


Our team of qualified, experienced, dedicated teachers has been put together to provide to quality education which your children need to supplement and reinforce what they do at school and to ensure success at A' Levels, CXC and SEA Exams. Whether they are writing exams, falling behind or simply need to strengthen their foundations, this support programme will provide every student with the opportunity to improve grades, to succeed, to excel and to realize his/her full potential.


Primary Level


Standard 4 & 5

Focus on developing and reinforcing core skills and competencies to facilitate learning. Continuous review and preview of key subjects and topics on the national curriculum. Reinforcement exercises for the National Tests. All subjects for S.E.A. preparation. Revise, reinforce & build test-taking skills through set tests and past exam drills.


Secondary Level


Forms One and Two

Focus on foundation building. For continuous reinforcement and revision of key subjects and skills that will prepare students to go forward with a solid foundation. Math, English, Spanish & Science.


Form Three

Focus on foundation building. For continuous reinforcement and end-of-year subject selection. Build skills required for beginning the CSEC curriculum. Math, English, Spanish, Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry & Biology.


Forms Four and Five - CSEC

Focus on syllabus completion & Exam preparation. Start and continue topics on the CSEC Syllabus in preparation for CSEC examinations, with immediate revision and reinforcement of all topics through notes, worksheets, tests and past paper questions. Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics,  Add Maths, Spanish, English A, P.O.B., P.O.A., Info. Tech., Geography.


Form Six - CAPE

Syllabus completion and Exam Preparation for Year 1 and Year 2. Caribbean Studies, Chemistry, Communication Studies.

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